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Julie has seen first hand how for-profit schools have deceived and defrauded many for monetary gain. She writes about the for-profit school space to provide some insight on the current state of the industry. She has been writing for ChallengeStudentDebt.com for over a year.

Students Awarded $2.3 Million From For-Profit Schools

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Students Awarded $2.3 Million From For-Profit Schools Kaplan Career Institute and Lincoln Technical Institute in Massachusetts settled a lawsuit with the Attorney General’s office over unfair practices performed at the institutions. According to the Boston Globe, both schools will pay former students over two million dollars due to their recruiting practices and inaccurate [...]

Listen to Rapper Dee Rap About Sallie Mae Loans

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Many former students find themselves paying a bill every month that they don’t want to pay. That bill is their Sallie Mae student loan bill. Most students rely on Sallie Mae to assist them in furthering their education. New Orleans rapper Dee-1 decided that he had enough of Sallie Mae and wrote a song about [...]

University Of Phoenix are still being watched, despite probation lift

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Three months ago, the Pentagon placed the University of Phoenix on probation and would not allow the for-profit school to recruit on military bases or receive financial aid from the military program. The for-profit college had been violating an executive order when they chose to pay the military for exclusive access to the bases [...]

Universities Are Being Sued By Former Students

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Many young adults attend college with one goal in mind. They want to graduate and find a good paying job in the field they have a degree in. This may sound easy, but lately many graduates are finding that this isn’t as easy as it seems. Most graduates are spending a lot of money [...]

Dade Medical College Owner Selling House After School Closure

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Ernesto Perez was the owner of the Dade Medical College before it abruptly closed back on October 30th of this year. The college was mainly funded by grants and federal loans and lately had been questioned by the U.S. Department of Education on how the money was being used. The federal funding supplied the college [...]

For-Profit College Set To Pay For Operating As A “Recruitment Mill”

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Education Management Corporation (EDMC), one of the nation’s largest for-profit college operators, has agreed to pay $95.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against it by four whistleblowers on behalf of the U.S. government. The settlement will also resolve an investigation into the school’s recruiting practices by a collection of some 40 states. EDMC [...]

Student Loan Debt May Mean You’re In For More Robocalls Soon

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If you currently owe money on federal student loans, you might want to brace yourself for an onslaught of automated collection calls soon. That’s because the 2016 budget bill that Congress is now considering has a new rule built into that most people wouldn’t expect: firms collecting on federal education loans will be able [...]

Settlement in For-Profit College Fraud Suit On Its Way

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Sources say that Education Management Corporation, one of the largest for-profit college firms in the nation, is prepared to settle a case by state and federal prosecutors accusing the company of fraudulent activities that resulted in it receiving $11 billion from taxpayers. In the settlement, Education Management would be required to pay back $100 [...]

Were You Given the Best Private Student Loan Options?

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Financial Aid counselors are typically never questioned on their recommendations, but in some cases they should have been.  Many were lead to believe the advice from the financial aid counselor is a) their only option and b) in their best interest.  Sadly, this is not always the case, as many people come to realize [...]