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Julie has seen first hand how for-profit schools have deceived and defrauded many for monetary gain. She writes about the for-profit school space to provide some insight on the current state of the industry. She has been writing for ChallengeStudentDebt.com for over a year.

Charter College Student Ripped Off

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Westwood College has faced lawsuits concerning allegations that the school ripped off its students. The school used high-pressure enrollment and sales tactics, deceptive marking that was misleading, and promised students lucrative salaries and successful job placements in order to get them to enroll. One such student, Krystle Bernal is part of a class action suit [...]

Carrington College Student Deceived

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Carrington College Student Deceived Carrington College…the school that claims itself as the starting point for careers in healthcare but delivers only student loan debt and useless pieces of paper…eventually. This school may claim it provides high quality education to its students but former and current students would say that’s nothing but smoke and mirrors and [...]

Capella University Complaints

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Capella University complaints are certainly making a buzz online and the angry hive of bees making them is preparing to make their legal attack against the university. Many student complaints indicate that this scam school has instructors who don’t do grading, provide no feedback, and do not respond to questions regarding their comments on papers. [...]

Brown-Mackie College Lawsuit

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While many Brown-Mackie College locations still remain open for business, parent company Education Management Corp. has decided to close several of its campuses due to declines in enrollment. Closing locations stopped accepting new applicants January 2015 but will remain open for existing students as part of a Title IV requirement set out by government. Why [...]

Argosy University Lawsuit

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A 2009 lawsuit  filed in Dallas was settled in December 2013 between former students and Argosy’s parent company, EDMC. The lawsuit was launched due to complains that students enrolled in doctorate programs were led to believe the school was accredited by the American Psychological Association for its 2 doctorate psychology programs. After enrollment, students were [...]

Brooks Institute Deceives Student with Hidden Private Student Loan Terms

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Apparently the settlement resulting from their 2005 A lawsuit wasn’t enough for Brooks Institute of Photography. Although the school was forced to pay out approximately $12, 250,000 in settlement for complaints leading all the way back to 1999, it apparently didn’t have any impact on Brooks. More recent lawsuits have been filed against Brooks Institute [...]

For-profit School Rips Off Students

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ATI Career Training Centers in Texas were informed by the Texas Workforce Commission that they were to cease enrolling students in their programs as of 2014. ATI, a formerly $400 million company may have gotten away with ripping off its students and the taxpayers for several years, but with the closure of its 16 Texas-based [...]

Anthem College Predatory Sales Techniques

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Another predatory for-profit education provider has closed its doors as of July 2014.  Anthem College filed for bankruptcy and closed the doors of many of its institutions, sold several off to International Education Corporation, and hoped that closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy . Prior to this decision, the college had 41 campuses, sold [...]

Kaplan Career College Consumer Complaints

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Prior to applying for university or college it is advisable that all potential students thoroughly research the school they are looking at. One way in which to do this is to do a simple online search checking for consumer complaints for that particular school. Anyone considering Kaplan Career College would probably be better off continuing [...]

Heald College Predatory Lending Practices

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Heald College is facing a lawsuit launched by the federal government along with its parent company, Corinthian Colleges, for predatory lending practices. The school was just one of many in the United States to be closed as part of an agreement with the Department of Education. The Consumer Protection Bureau sued Health and parent company [...]