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Julie has seen first hand how for-profit schools have deceived and defrauded many for monetary gain. She writes about the for-profit school space to provide some insight on the current state of the industry. She has been writing for ChallengeStudentDebt.com for over a year.

Everest College Predatory Lending Practices

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Lawsuits instigated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the tune of more than $500 million dollars in student debt were launched in the effort to assist those who have been victims of Everest College’s predatory lending practices. An education with Everest has meant that students are left holding the bag for as much as [...]

Everest College Manipulative and False Statements

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The Massachusetts Attorney General is yet another government body to open a lawsuit againt Everest College and its parent company Corinthian Colleges Inc. The college has been subjected to multiple investigations, all of which allege that the school used fraudulent actions and misrepresentation to rip off its students and taxpayers in its scam school. Other [...]