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A Little Known Secret to Getting Private Student Loan Relief

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A Little Known Secret to Getting Relief On Private Student Loans Here’s what private lending companies don’t want you to know...and what thousands of consumers are quickly learning about getting relief on their private student loan debt, payments and interest: Americans may be surprised to learn that people have [...]

Were You Given the Best Private Student Loan Options?

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Financial Aid counselors are typically never questioned on their recommendations, but in some cases they should have been.  Many were lead to believe the advice from the financial aid counselor is a) their only option and b) in their best interest.  Sadly, this is not always the case, as many people come to realize [...]

Truck Driving School Runs Private Student Loan Scam

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In one of the saddest examples of unwitting students being left with high student loan debt and no real hope of landing a job to help pay it off, a truck driving school operating in the Midwest was sued for fraudulent activity that led to a default rate of some 93% of its students.  Five [...]

Are You Being Threatened With Legal Action On Private Student Loans?

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If you’re facing legal action due to outstanding private student loans, it might serve as some small comfort to know that you’re not alone.  Thanks to the current state of the private student loan industry, a good number of students who took out loans in order to go to school are now finding that the [...]

Depression And Anxiety Called Private Student Loan Debt

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Anyone who has struggled to repay their private student loans can attest to the amount of pressure and negative consequences that can come from having this burden hanging over your head.  Because the lending agencies are so unwilling to help former students work out a repayment plan that they can afford, people who have been [...]

Brooks Institute Deceives Student with Hidden Private Student Loan Terms

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Apparently the settlement resulting from their 2005 A lawsuit wasn’t enough for Brooks Institute of Photography. Although the school was forced to pay out approximately $12, 250,000 in settlement for complaints leading all the way back to 1999, it apparently didn’t have any impact on Brooks. More recent lawsuits have been filed against Brooks Institute [...]