Many former students find themselves paying a bill every month that they don’t want to pay. That bill is their Sallie Mae student loan bill. Most students rely on Sallie Mae to assist them in furthering their education. New Orleans rapper Dee-1 decided that he had enough of Sallie Mae and wrote a song about it.

Dee-1 is also known as David Augustine Jr. and was interviewed by Market Watch about the song. Dee-1 stated “The goal was to make an anthem that would allow people to feel the excitement that I felt, but hopefully, it would also begin a bigger conversation about the student loan debt crisis. Student loan debt is out of control and I do think that college should ultimately be made more affordable.”

There are currently 40 million people that have student loan debt that totals approximately $1.3 trillion.

As Dee-1 raps, “Wasn’t making quite enough to pay them back. Went in default, messed my credit up. Check my Equifax.”

Dee-1 raps about how everyone feels with their student loan debt burden. Thankfully, he signed a record deal back in 2014, so he was able to pay his Sallie Mae loan in full. As he states in his song, “I finished paying Sallie Mae back.”

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