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Julie has seen first hand how for-profit schools have deceived and defrauded many for monetary gain. She writes about the for-profit school space to provide some insight on the current state of the industry. She has been writing for ChallengeStudentDebt.com for over a year.

Truck Driving School Runs Private Student Loan Scam

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In one of the saddest examples of unwitting students being left with high student loan debt and no real hope of landing a job to help pay it off, a truck driving school operating in the Midwest was sued for fraudulent activity that led to a default rate of some 93% of its students.  Five [...]

Parent Company of For-Profit Colleges Settles Lawsuit By Investors

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Education Management Corp., the parent company of well-known for-profit school The Art Institutes, has settled a lawsuit brought by shareholders who claim the company lied to them about complying with federal and state education laws . According to recent court documents, EDMC has agreed to pay investors $2.5 million in the settlement, which still has [...]

It’s Time For Congress To Get Tough On For-Profit Colleges

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The Great Recession prompted many people who were laid off to look into enrolling in college as a way of increasing their chances of finding a job. Since public schools around the nation were facing huge cuts in their funding due to the economic collapse, they were unable to meet the demands of hundreds of [...]

Depression And Anxiety Called Private Student Loan Debt

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Anyone who has struggled to repay their private student loans can attest to the amount of pressure and negative consequences that can come from having this burden hanging over your head.  Because the lending agencies are so unwilling to help former students work out a repayment plan that they can afford, people who have been [...]

Kaplan Career College Consumer Complaints

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Prior to applying for university or college it is advisable that all potential students thoroughly research the school they are looking at. One way in which to do this is to do a simple online search checking for consumer complaints for that particular school. Anyone considering Kaplan Career College would probably be better off [...]

Kaplan Career Institute Fraud Complaints

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Kaplan Career Institute and parent company APSCU are facing multiple whistle blower suits, class action suits, and government investigations for alleged fraud. The complainants have stated that Kaplan created students that never existed to rip off the government for millions. The Attorneys General of Florida, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Illinois have all completed investigations into the [...]

Jones International University Fraud Complaints

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Students of Jones International University (JIU), a for-profit school, received notification on March 31, 2015 that the school would be closing its internet-based doors. This announcement was as a result of a 55% in enrollment decline and the school claims it is due to the number of options students now have available. As a pioneer [...]

ITT Technical Institute Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

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ITT Technical Institute certainly knows how to create eye-catching commercials and with all the complaints and lawsuits it is also becoming well known as being an institution which scams students with its predatory lending practices . While most actors appearing in their ads boast of the pride they feel to have completed their education and [...]

International Academy of Design and Technology Fraud Complaints

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International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) has faced plenty of lawsuits in recent years and has constant complaints of fraud cast against it by former and current students. Many former students complain that the school does not have the accreditation it claims to and is not recognized regionally . Students wishing to drop out [...]

Herzing University Fraud Complaints

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Herzing University, a for-profit college based in Milwaukee, settled its lawsuit with in Minnesota over claims its medical assistant program was misleading students. Students entering the program believed they would be accredited and certified to work as medical assistants upon graduation but that turned out to be inaccurate at best . The program lacked the [...]