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Julie has seen first hand how for-profit schools have deceived and defrauded many for monetary gain. She writes about the for-profit school space to provide some insight on the current state of the industry. She has been writing for ChallengeStudentDebt.com for over a year.

Grand Canyon University Scam

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When you think of a Christian school the words that come to mind aren’t usually scam, lawsuit, or disrespect for students but apparently this doesn’t apply to Grand Canyon University. The for-profit Christian college has already faced a lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ in regards to claims that the school is a scam with predatory lending [...]

Globe University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

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Globe University reached the end of the appeals line when the Minnesota Supreme Court denied its appeal concerning the previous ruling in the case of Heidi Weber versus Globe University. The former dean turned whistleblower sued the school when she was fired for turning them in and reporting their fraudulent activities. Globe is just going [...]

Fraud Claims against Ashford University

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Ashford University and its parent company, Bridgepoint Education, have faced allegations and claims of fraudulent activity by Tom Miller, Iowa Attorney General, in regards to Ashford University’s high-pressure sales tactics, misuse of federal student aid funding, withholding important information, and in regard to their rather substantial non-refundable fees. Ashton University’s website claimed that yearly technology [...]

Fast Train Scams Students

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Fast Train College may have had, “Get on the Fast Train!” as its jingle but it certainly wasn’t assumed by those hearing it that it meant get on the fast train to debt and fraud. The school ran seven campuses at one point and had ties to a congressman. It offered courses in computer and [...]

Devry University Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

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The name Devry University is popping up in ways that aren’t being used to promote it as a viable education option. Subject of many investigations, this university is weighed down under a mountain of complaints but is still not as bad off as the mountain of debt its students’ are trying to deal with. [...]

Corinthian College Predatory Lending Lawsuit

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Corinthian College is facing a lawsuit which alleges that it duped students into taking more than $560 million in loans for education they would not gain successful employment with, that it used predatory and misleading advertising to reel students in, committed securities fraud, and used military seals on its advertising without permission. These false advertisements [...]

Computertraining.com Deceptive Practices

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Much to everyone’s utter shock, Computertraining.com students and employees showed up to class and work only to find the doors locked and no one answering phones. A class action lawsuit was launched on April 14, 2010, against Computertraining.com in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in Detroit. Thousands of students [...]

Computer Systems Institute Rip-off

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Computer Systems Institute’s claims turned out to be nothing more than a catchy list of opposites the school would rip its students off with. From statements that their institution provided ample class and lab time that in reality were only once a week to state-of-the-art equipment that was indeed so…in 1995, the school’s list of [...]

Collins College Fraud Complaints

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Online discussion boards and Facebook groups have been filled with former Collins College students who indicate that the college was a scam and committed fraud . One Facebook group in particular is focused on gaining enough members to launch a class action suit against Collins in regards to high pressures sales, predatory loan practices, and [...]

CHI Institute Commits Fraud

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Kaplan Inc. has gotten its fingers slapped again, this time for its CHI Institute school for a lawsuit regarding its surgical technology program. The lawsuit was filed after a whistleblower reported that the school was knowingly signing students up for a program it knew they could never graduate from. David Goldstein, former director of education [...]