Fraud complaints surrounding United Education have appeared in several online discussion forums and complaint forums in students’ efforts to try to prevent others from being duped by the school’s scams. Job placement and salary projects for program completion are gross misrepresentations of actual figures. Students claim United Education is a fraud and a scam which turned out to be entirely the opposite of what the school led them to believe.

Students taking the dental assistant program complained they didn’t learn a thing for their $15,000. By the end of the program, student indicated they didn’t know how to even use the autoclave which is necessary to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize equipment after it has been used on a patient. This piece of machinery is a fundamental necessity as it prevents the spread of blood borne diseases from patient to patient. When it came time to learn how to x-ray patient’s using a specialized dummy, the dummy was broken and students were instructed to x-ray themselves, dosing themselves and each other with unnecessary radiation exposure. Health recommendations advise against unnecessary x-rays and exposure should be limited to only what is absolutely necessary for maintaining good health.

As for fillings, dental imprints, and patient charts, apparently that information was deemed unnecessary as students were never taught it. Instructors were individuals who worked in the business many years ago and gave instruction that was not up to current practice standards or recommendations. Instructors were also often too busy watching the clock for their next break to make providing knowledge a priority. Student complaints also indicate instructors were rude, had unprofessional behavior and they were often unprepared.

One complaint about the massage therapy program was submitted by an individual who had been working in the field for many years. They had enrolled in the program to further their educational documentation for further advancement. This person had trained under professional massage therapists and had been working with patients for several years. On beginning the program, the student indicated that instructors were teaching students improper techniques, using the wrong equipment, and providing misinformation. When the student indicated that this was not proper procedure they were told they didn’t know what they were talking about, were given a hard time, and ridiculed even though they had been working in the profession for longer than some of the instructors.

United Education misrepresented the quality of its education but that was not the end of the school’s lies. Several complaints indicate that students were told they would not have to pay their loans back during the enrollment process which was an outright lie. They were then signed up for unsubsidized and subsidized loans in addition to Pell Grants, some of which do, in fact, require repayment. Total cost for these short programs was $15,000 and students soon found that contrary to what they had been told, they now had substantial debt for their substandard education. Due to lack of quality education, poor reputation of the school, and improper accreditation, students found themselves unable to find employment in their fields as no one would hire them. This has meant that many are forced to pursue further education, work minimum jobs, and many have fallen into default on their loans.

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