Pioneer Pacific college students both former and current have been forced to lodge their complaints in online complaints boards and have stated the school is nothing but a fraud. Students complained that the programs offered were substandard and didn’t have any real value in the workplace and they couldn’t manage to get hired anywhere.

One student in particular who chose the Computer Networking Technology program had previous education received through community college but wanted to further their degree and certification. They indicated that these were counted as prerequisites in order to continue on in their degree and receive the certifications necessary to work in the IT field.

When the student showed up, they were amazed to find that math classes intended for computer programming were only classes in addition and subtraction of fractions. As this is something you learn in grade six, the student questioned how they applied to advanced computer programming calculations class. The instructor basically admitted the class was a joke but the student indicated that many students enrolled in the program were unable to complete even this rudimentary math.

As for other classes in the Computer Networking Technology program, the student indicated that all tests and exams were open book and on materials that were very outdated and no longer used in the world of IT. He decided to teach himself and study well beyond the course’s aims in the hopes he’d be able to get his certification anyway. Books used in the program were on technology over a decade old and nowhere near current standards.

Many other student complaints state that instructors were handing out A grades to students who were failing programs in order to keep them in the school and collect the financial aid. Students would receive an A for work that was entirely wrong or that they’d not even completed and be bumped along to the next level of the program. They indicated they were over $28,000 in debt and hadn’t learned anything. Most students were unable to find employment in their chosen fields of study as no employers were accepting the Pioneer Pacific College degrees and neigher were any of the reputable schools.

Job placement assistance was promised during enrollment and in advertising but when graduation came and students sought this assistance they were given a list of Craig’s List ads and no real job leads. The school also did not meet Veterans Affairs’ requirements to receive funding even though they were as there were no advisors, no library, no tutoring center, and no accommodations or services.

As for high quality instruction advertised by the school, well, that didn’t exist either. Instructors did not hold advanced teaching degrees that would make them suitable to work as college level instructors. These instructors also didn’t have any experience working in the field of employment. Instructors were given copies of textbooks from the year before two weeks prior to the beginning of class and told to prepare to instruct. Instead of being taught valuable information for use in the real world, students were charged hefty tuition and were left with disreputable education no employer would hire them with and were left with tens of thousands in debt they would have trouble paying with minimum wage jobs.

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