Prior to applying for university or college it is advisable that all potential students thoroughly research the school they are looking at. One way in which to do this is to do a simple online search checking for consumer complaints for that particular school. Anyone considering Kaplan Career College would probably be better off continuing on their search for their college of choice as consumer complaints about Kaplan have the school rated at one out of five stars.

Kaplan Career College claims to be accredited and a trustworthy school but past and current students clearly indicate otherwise. Your education and money are nothing to be taken lightly and the numerous complaints revolving around this institution involving the words scam and rip off should have potential students looking in another direction as far as their education is concerned. Although legislation has been passed which is intended to tighten the reins on for-profit colleges and universities, many are still managing to circumvent this legislation leaving students under a mountain of debt and no job prospects.

When students do suffer from these shady business dealings they are not left with a whole bunch of options. While private student loan relief exists to help students pay off these loans or reduce their debt amounts, some of these issues can be avoided by doing a little research prior to applying or signing any documents. Better to waste a little time poking around online than to waste years studying to end up with a useless piece of paper and a mountain of debt the size of Everest.

While Kaplan indicates that it is an accredited school this doesn’t always seem to be the experience of those who attend it. Many students attempting to transfer out of their program into more viable options find that their credits are non-transferrable, rendering them a useless expense they will gain nothing from. Kaplan complaints include statements that credits can’t be transferred to other colleges, universities, or programs despite the fact that the school is supposedly accredited. Other reviews indicated that while they were in the middle of their course of study with Kaplan their school’s accreditation was revoked leaving students stuck paying for a program they would never be able to use for employment purposes.

Student’s reported that Kaplan instructors and professors humiliated students publically in front of their peers, filed false plagiarism claims against students, were rude, and used abusive and degrading language. When complaints were filed with Kaplan administration, students were constantly told the administration would look into their complaint and nothing was ever done or their complaints were dismissed entirely.

The most frequent words used to describe Kaplan in reviews were joke, scam, horrible, inadvisable, biggest mistake of my life, and this supposedly accredited course was not accepted by any employers. Kaplan consumer complaints also indicated that this school seriously overcharges for its courses have hidden fees, bogus lab charges, and refusals to return student overpayments or stipends. Many mentions of the word class action lawsuit and sue were plastered all over review sites indicating that Kaplan is probably not a place you want to do business with.

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