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Sheryl believes education should be designed to advance someones skill-set without being burdened with large amounts of debt. She writes on the topic of education and the impact it has on our society. She has been writing for for a little over a year.

Everyone Takes Out Private Student Loans

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A common refrain that some financial aid officers use in order to soothe those who are worried about borrowing money to pay for their education is, “Everyone takes out student loans.”  As if this somehow means that there’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll be able to pay them back or [...]

Are You Being Threatened With Legal Action On Private Student Loans?

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If you’re facing legal action due to outstanding private student loans, it might serve as some small comfort to know that you’re not alone.  Thanks to the current state of the private student loan industry, a good number of students who took out loans in order to go to school are now finding that the [...]

American Career Institute Lawsuit

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Lawsuits for alleged fraud and deception for Massachusetts American Career Institute claim the school was intentionally deceiving in order to get students to enroll as well as to gain accreditation. From falsified signatures and attendance records to fake attendance records and transcripts, this school has been accused of a multitude of fraudulent activity in its [...]

University of Phoenix Under Fire From Student Veterans

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An advocate group for veterans who are working toward their degree has started a petition on titled “Students, Not Stadiums.”  Its aim is to make the University of Phoenix drop its multimillion dollar sponsorship of the Arizona Cardinals football stadium and spend the money on education instead. The Veterans’ Student Loan Relief Fund provides [...]

Sallie Mae Spinoff Facing Lawsuit Over Student Loans

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In 2014, student loan behemoth Sallie Mae announced that it would spinoff a new company to originate its federally guaranteed education loans. The company would be called Navient and in its brief existence, it has already been investigated by no less than four federal agencies for questionable business practices, including taking advantage of their military [...]

Business Practices of For-Profit College are Questioned Once Again

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If you thought that Apollo Education Group, the parent company of the University of Phoenix, was finally out of hot water with the authorities these days, think again. Apollo is now facing an investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, just as the Higher Learning Commission has finally lifted the “Notice” status it placed on the [...]

Westwood Colleges Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

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redatory sales practices, fraud, and scamming students are what has hit the fan for Westwood College, a for-profit institution who targeted vulnerable students trying to better their lives. Enrollment counsellors hit students with high pressure sales tactics , misleading information, inaccurate job placement and salary projections in order to boost enrollment at their college. Students [...]

Virginia College

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Vatterott College Fraud and Lawsuit Complaints

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Three former employees of Vatterott plead guilty in response to a federal indictment which had been filed February 5, 2009 in regards to claims that the individuals had committed fraud against the government. The former school officials admitted to conspiracy to commit fraud against the federal government by falsifying federal financial aid forms and [...]

University of the Rockies Fraud Complaints

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Fraud complaints concerning University of the Rockies are plentiful in online complaints boards from former students of the school. Students indicate that the for-profit university is taking advantage of those with disabilities to gain access to their federal funding and that their programs are nothing but a fraud. Claims that minorities are taken advantage of [...]